It’s All At Stake This November.

Reproductive Rights are on the ballot and Democracy is on the line. This fall, voters in Texas have a clear choice:
to continue down the dark, divisive path of our current Texas Republican politicians, or to elect
pro-democracy DEMOCRATS up and down the ballot! Texas DEMOCRATS will fight for our freedoms
and work to improve the health, safety, and economic security of everyday working families.

Come ride the “Blue Tsunami” with us! But first: make sure you’re all set to VOTE!

Stand with us in this fight! CLICK HERE for ways to get involved with Pearland Dems and other area groups.

The next Pearland Dems meeting is Thursday, October 13, from 7-8 pm at the West Pearland Library,
11801 Shadow Creek Parkway, Pearland TX 77584. Please join us! CLICK HERE to sign up.